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Atumobile: Our Story

Miles and miles to go

At Atumobile, we’re fueled by sustainability. In a world that’s fast-absorbing technology, we bring you the best of the best electric bikes to take you to places, safely. The immense scope for smart vehicles, also shows the world is ready for eco-friendly, safe, and clean ways to live. We are made in India, for roads that are uniquely Indian. Designed for practicality and ease of commute, we aspire to make the transition to electric truly effortless. We understand that your commute is fueled by necessity, and Atumobile is just that — a practical option for short-distance commute.


Atum1.0 Electric Bike with no registration

Here for the long run

Say hello to Atumobile - a short-distance vehicle designed for the long haul. With a lithium-ion battery, minimal design and optimized for strength and speed, Atum 1.0 is right up your alley. Ride your routine but leave a green trail.

Battery Pack

Our batteries are what make Atum 1.0 special. Resourceful, leak-proof and safe, our battery pack ensures smooth rides, always. Charge the vehicle at your own pace, in your own space, even if it’s an apartment on the 16th floor, or in an office cubicle. Never run out of charge with Atum 1.0’s extremely portable Lithium-ion batteries! And by portable, we mean light and practical.

E-bike Fully Charged in 3-4hrs


3-4 hours

Atum 1.0 gives up to 100 km range in one charge


Upto 100kms

Atum 1.0 Electric Bike Life 5 Years


5+ years

Atum1.0 Electric Bike 2 Years Warranty


2 years*

Atum 1.0 is Packed With Features

We know this saying isn’t uncommon, but Atum 1.0 is no common electric bike! Well, if Atum 1.0 was a rock band, it would be called LED Zeppelin. Headlight, indicator and taillight, you guessed it — All LED. We’re a bit extra, you know? Extra as in, Extraordinary!

Extra - LED Lights

Headlight, indicator & taillight

Adjustable handle

Create your own comfort zone

Ground clearance

280 mm

Boot space

14 litres

Seat height

750 mm


For Driver

Motor Power

48V 250W

Extra - LED Lights

Headlight, indicator & taillight

Ground clearance

280 mm

Boot space

14 litres

Electric Bike hyderabad

Top Speed


Seat height

750 mm


For Driver

Built to Last

Do you know rocket science? Us neither. We simply focus on what we know best — building durable, sturdy electric vehicles. Fitted with fat bike tires, Atum 1.0 is built for a wheeeeely comfy shuttle. For a lightweight bike, Atum 1.0 will have no bumpy rides even with a 120 Kg (GVW) load.

Atum 1.0 Electric Bike Frame has Life Time Warranty

Lifetime Frame

Atum1.0 E-Bike with Fat Tires

20x4 Inch
Fat Tire

E-Bike Stable Ride


E-Bike - 35Kg Weight

Light Weight
51 Kg

Hassle - free experience

Ideal for stop-and-go rides, Atum 1.0 is a low-speed vehicle that’s perfect for everyday commute. Paced at 25 km/h, Atum is safe for all-ages who are looking for a clean way to travel from point A to point B. And one more thing, Atum requires no registration or driving license! It’s your ticket to #RideGreen.

Unbelievable Fuel Economy

Atum 1.0 is an ode to eco-friendly travel. Say goodbye to gasoline and stop no more at filling stations because we bring you a model that costs you 7-10Rs per 100Kms. That’s 97 times less than what it takes to keep a petrol bike fueled and running.

Atum 1.0 Cost you 7 To 10 Rupees Per 100KM

Costs you 7-10Rs per 100Kms

Atum 1.0 Economical bike

97 times less than petrol

Easiest Maintenance Ever

You read that right. The problem with machines is that they need to be ‘well-oiled’. We, at Atumobile, make low-maintenance electric bikes. Equipped with long-lasting spares, Atum 1.0 cuts you the hassle of mechanic visits in more ways than one.

Atum 1.0 e-bike requires no servicing

No servicing

Atum 1.0 e-bike requires low maintenance

Easy maintenance

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