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At Atumobile, we’re fuelled by sustainability. In a world that’s fast absorbing technology, we bring you the best of the best electric bikes to take you to places, safely. The immense scope for smart vehicles, also shows the world is ready for eco-friendly, safe, and clean ways to live. We are made in India, for roads that are uniquely Indian. Designed for practicality and ease of commute, we aspire to make the transition to electric truly effortless. We understand that your commute by necessity, and an Atum bike is just that — a practical choice for a smart commute.

About Atumobile

Straight outta Hyderabad, we’re a company that focuses on e-mobility and strives to make green riding the present and the future. Atumobile is the genius brainchild of Vamsi Gaddam, our fine young Founder - a passionate innovator with a mission to bring green mobility to the forefront of the Indian automobile industry. Atumobile merged style with sustainability paving way for India to welcome its 1st ever cafe racer style electric bike and its two variants - the Atum 1.0 and the Atum Vader.

Why Atumobile

The question you need to ask is, why anything else? We manufacture the greenest electric bikes ever by taking the time out to do our research, understanding what our customers want and how it benefits them as well as our planet. Through our values we’re minimising the debilitating impact of climate change, one unit at a time. Through our ingenuity, we’re making green biking accessible to all age groups. Through our drive, we’re constantly evolving to bring you the best electric bikes in the country!

Innovation & Intention

Atumobile bikes are manufactured keeping in mind customer mindsets, demands and most crucially the environment. Our electric bikes are all 100% made in India with indigenously sourced components only. Our Founder, Vamsi Gaddam, has been a vocal advocate for adapting ‘renewable and green’ consumption for a sustainable tomorrow, and places strong emphasis on local and national products. Known for his social responsibility and environment conscious business approach, Vamsi aspires to promote the use of green innovations that act as carbon offsets for the masses. While the rest of the country was focussing on electric scooters and other forms of e-mobility, our main was to bring electric bikes to our youth to instil practices such as eco-friendliness and environment conservation at a young and impressionable age. Through Atumobile, we’ve managed to achieve just that, and we aim to further this initiative by making green biking accessible to all.

Environmental Impact

Of course we make the best electric bikes known to humankind, but that’s not all. Our entire manufacturing ecosystem is green and sustainable. Our production plant, located in Patancheru, Telangana is a 100% Net Zero production facility powered by ATUM Solar – World’s 1st Integrated Solar Roof.


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