Embrace The Electric This Monsoon

Monsoon is a time of refreshing rains and lush green landscapes. After the scorching heat we’ve been through this year, cool showers are more than welcome. That said, riding in the rain can be tricky, especially in a torrentially rainy country like ours. Rainy months pose some unique challenges for motorists. The roads turn into ditches a week into monsoon and riders are left to deal with some treacherous terrain. Amidst the rainy deluge, traditional petrol vehicles can encounter numerous issues, while electric vehicles can be advantageous making them an ideal choice during this season. In today’s blog, we will explore the benefits of purchasing an electric bike or car for the monsoon and

Better Safety

When it comes to riding, safety is of paramount importance, especially on wet and slippery roads, and electric bikes such as Atum Vader by Atumobile, pass with flying colours. Unlike internal combustion engines, electric vehicles have a lower risk of stalling or losing traction due to their instant torque delivery. The electric drivetrain allows for more precise control, providing better stability and handling. Additionally, owing to their lower centre of gravity due to their battery placement, electric bikes aid in improving stability in wet conditions. Features like regenerative braking also enable better control during sudden stops, minimizing the risk of skidding.

Waterproof Features

In a country like India where it rains for a good four or five months, even more in certain areas, Indian-made electric vehicle brands such as Atumobile are built keeping in mind our unique climate, making them better equipped to handle heavy rain and flooded roads. Critical components such as the battery pack, motor, and power electronics are well-sealed to prevent water damage. In fact, Atumobile offers electric bike models with a waterproof motor and battery. Electric bikes and cars undergo rigorous testing to ensure their resistance to water ingress, making them less susceptible to electrical faults and breakdowns during the monsoon season.

Lower Maintenance

In the rainy season, petrol vehicles often suffer from issues like water entering the engine, contaminated fuel, and rust formation. Electric vehicles, on the other hand, have fewer moving parts and a sealed drivetrain, reducing the risk of damage caused by water exposure. With no engine oil or spark plugs to replace, EV owners can save on regular maintenance costs.

Eco-friendly Nature

The monsoon season brings with it concerns about pollution and its impact on the environment. By opting for an electric vehicle, you contribute to reducing air and noise pollution. Electric bikes produce zero tailpipe emissions, which aid in mitigating the harmful effects of greenhouse gases and improving air quality. This choice is especially significant during the monsoon season when rainwater washes away pollutants, making the air cleaner and the environment greener.

Range & Efficiency

Range anxiety is a common concern for EV owners. However, popular electric vehicle brands such as Atumobile have addressed this concern by making significant strides in battery technology. Many electric bikes and cars now offer longer ranges that comfortably meet the daily commuting needs, even during the monsoon season. In many cases, some of the best electric vehicles are designed to be highly energy-efficient, with regenerative braking and advanced energy management systems. This efficiency advantage ensures that these bikes and cars can cover more miles per unit of energy, despite potential energy losses due to wet roads.

Charging Infrastructure

With the increasing popularity of EVs, the charging infrastructure is also growing at a steady pace. During the monsoon season, electric bike owners can take advantage of this expanded network of charging stations, ensuring peace of mind for longer journeys. Quick-charging options are also available, allowing for faster charging times, which is especially useful in getting from place to place during heavy rains.

As the world moves towards a sustainable future, embracing electric bikes such as Atumobile’s bold and electric café racer Atum Vader during the monsoon season can be a highly impactful step towards change, not to mention high on safety features. Our suggestion – embrace the electric this monsoon, and in all the other seasons!


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